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I'm Krystin Pearl- Maryland girl uprooted to the sandy shores of Virginia Beach. I'm a wife and a mom to three tiny humans, Greyson, Niko and Syenna. I am the co-founder of Fully Fit & FearLess and a lover of all things food and fitness.

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My Story

The relationship I have with food and fitness has not always been a good one. For years, I was lost in the abyss of diet pills, binging/purging, and excessive exercise. I was mentally and physically unhealthy.


In 2006 I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease, while a grave prognosis, I can honestly say it saved me. Through treatments, therapies and many doctors appointments I learned so much about my body. I began to appreciate what made me unique and how powerful proper nutrition and fitness was to my healing.


Using what I learned I now have a burning desire to help others become strong, fit and healthy so they can feel empowered outside of their day-to-day activities, confident in the body they’re in and live each day as the best versions of themselves. I do this by teaching people to (un)complicate food and fitness- work smarter and not harder all while having fun!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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