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Competitive Training Guide



About the Course

We are so excited you are here! You took the first step by saying YES! Yes to you, and yes to a new journey to improving your life and doing something different. We have come up with an intense, jam-packed 10-week program full of moves to get you ready for any hyped-up Obstacle Course Race or to get in phenomenal shape!

Your plan also includes a 10-week meal plan created by a registered dietician. Proper nutrition is key to maximize your results! Supplements play a huge role as well; we have included that at the end.

We have learned it is best to change up your workout routine to always have your body guessing for it to be optimal. We love thinking outside the box and know that by the end of your training you will be taught to do the same.

Stretch yourself to do MORE, and in return teach the same to those around you.

Enjoy your journey and remember - it’s YOU VS YOU! Fight for you while we are fighting with you.

Your Instructors

Krystin & Krystyn

Krystin & Krystyn

With a combined 35 years experience in the nutrition and fitness industry, Krystyn & Krystin understand what it takes to get back on track and live the best, healthiest lifestyle for YOU. They believe that we are all uniquely designed and realize that everyBody is different and therefore requires different guidance to achieve their goals. They take this individualized approach and apply it to a realistic sustainable lifestyle to achieve maintainable results.

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