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Meal Prep Guide



About the Course

Life is stressful enough. Your food shouldn’t be.

I hear from women every day that the #1 thing that prevents them from consistently eating healthy is lack of time. Amongst the millions of things on their to-do lists, they find it most difficult to prepare healthy meals and snacks. And don’t even mention taking an entire day to meal prep—that’s exhausting just thinking about it.

There’s an easier way!

The Meal Prep Guide - This guide is designed to help you prepare healthy meal and snack options that will:

  • Give you time back in your day

  • Avoid the headache of “What should I eat?”

  • Keep your nutrition in check

  • Save you money

Your Instructors

Krystin Pearl

Krystin Pearl

Krystin is a fitness professional from Virginia Beach and the co-Founder of Fully Fit & FearLess. With over 18 years in the fitness industry, she has seen it all. She has a burning desire to help others become strong, fit and healthy so they can feel empowered outside of their day-to-day activities, confident in the body they’re in and live each day as the best versions of themselves. She does this by teaching people to (un)complicate food and fitness- work smarter and not harder all while having fun!

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