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Nutrition 101



About the Course

During this 4 week program you will learn:

· The difference between a healthy diet and being on a diet.

· The types and quantities of nutrients the human body requires and how the body uses each of them.

· Macronutrient cheat sheet.

· How to set sustainable nutrition goals and how to avoid the pitfalls.

· How to build a meal plan based on your health goals.

· How to plan and prep for success in all situations.

· 7 days of recipes.

A Nutrition Guide to teach you exactly how to reach and maintain your goals:

· Over 25+ pages that teaches you the how, what and when of nutrition.

· Practical tools for choosing the best food for your body No counting, No measuring, and No restricting.

· Macronutrient cheat sheet that gives you choices for fueling your fearless goals.

· Plug and play meal plan that allows you to eat ONLY the things you love.

· Weekly Meal Planner and grocery guide to help make planning a breeze.

You’ll also get access to these amazing addons, to help you reach your goals:

Free month of membership to Nutrition Coaching Group including access to member only nutrition portal (additional recipes, tips and tricks, and downloads).

One-time 10% discount on the IDLife DNA Kit and all other support products.

Updates for Life!

Your Instructors

Krystin Pearl

Krystin Pearl

Krystin is a fitness professional from Virginia Beach and the co-Founder of Fully Fit & FearLess. With over 18 years in the fitness industry, she has seen it all. She has a burning desire to help others become strong, fit and healthy so they can feel empowered outside of their day-to-day activities, confident in the body they’re in and live each day as the best versions of themselves. She does this by teaching people to (un)complicate food and fitness- work smarter and not harder all while having fun!

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