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It’s officially that time of year again where we find ourselves struggling to keep up with all the demands of a busy holiday season…

From Holiday Get-Togethers to Company Parties & Family Commitments- it can be difficult to find a few spare moments for ourselves.

The lack of time coupled with the endless temptations that seem to linger around until well after the New Year can be a disaster for our diets!

Before we know it, it’s January 1st and we’re left with a big feeling of guilt for having over-indulged for too many days. But don’t worry my friend, that’s not going to be you this year!

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Fitmas Workouts

Fitmas Nutrition

25 days of holiday themed home workouts 

Weekly recipes with quick, shortcut meals

30ish minute workouts for this busy time of year

Strength & HIIT workouts designed to sculpt a fit & lean body

Recipes that use simple ingredients + are easy to make

Science based meal plan to maximize results


FearLess Christmas Playlist

Easy to follow program via the Fully Fit & FearLess app.

*Bonus guided holiday themed workouts available both Live & OnDemand.

FearLess holiday favorite recipes

Holiday health tips and more!!

Private Facebook community for motivation + tips/recipe sharing

Registration: $49.99

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November 26th-27th: Prep Weekend 
November 28th-December 22nd: 25 Days of Fitmas

December 23rd-24th: Bonus Fit Fun!

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Sara B

“The 25 Days of FearLess Fitmas helped me keep the course during the busy season. I feel great and I'm ready to set some big goals for the new year."

You see, we’ve been in your shoes many times and understand the frustration you’re feeling. That’s why we’ve put extra special care in creating this 25 Days of FearLess Fitmas!

Fitting in a workout and healthy eating doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Just carve out a little time at home to get you up and moving and fuel your body with foods that make you feel good.

This challenge will begin on November 28th and run through Christmas Eve. There is nothing required of you except your commitment to spend a few moments on yourself each day to stay active and make intentional food choices.

And don’t worry- you won’t need a gym membership, fancy equipment, or expensive foods either!

Only piece of a equipment you need is a pair of dumbbells- though if you don’t have a set handy, don’t let that keep you from participating- use a few water bottles in substitution… milk jugs… get creative… anything will work! All ingredients can be found at your local grocery store.

Join us TODAY and get instant access to the FearLess Fitmas Prep Guide !
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Registration: $49.99

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