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We don't pretend to have ALL the answers, we leave that to science.

This tiny little box is what makes Fully Fit & FearLess different than any other coaching program out there.

We hear countless stories of people that have followed the right diet, spent money on a personal trainer and dedicated themselves to improving their health and wellness, only to be left disappointed with an empty wallet.

The reason why those universal one-size-fits all approaches don't work is that they don't connect the dots on the formula that works for each persons unique genetic makeup. The DNA Kit helps us design a truly personalized program just for you.


Check it out for yourself !


Once you receive your DNA Report then it's time to get down to business. Depending on which membership you choose, we will help customize your fitness and nutrition plan to best fits your goals. For some, this might mean first completing a 30 Day Detox, for others setting you up on the Fully Fit & FearLess app where you can access your workouts and/or nutrition program. No matter which plan you choose, we will have all the information we need to build the perfect plan for YOU!

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