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Release what does not serve you.

Some things work for you for a while and then stop working for you. Maybe it's time for a shift?

We are creatures of habit, lovers of the familiar. What we know feels like safety to us, yet the unknown can bring up feelings of fear.

People change and life changes and the things that make up life change, too:

- Internal: beliefs, values, goals, duties, obligations

- Behavioral: habits, hobbies, pursuits, commitments

- Physical: possessions, ownership

- People: relationships, roles, groups, connections

When something no longer serves you, that means it is no longer helping you move in the direction you are wanting to go. Constant fear-based decision-making can become toxic, especially when we are responding to negative “what if” questions.

So how does this topic apply to nutrition and fitness? If we each look back at the past 10 years, I'm sure you can identify times when a shift happened. Some might be more evident than others but I promise they are there. Let's face it, how we ate and moved our body's in our 20's is probably different than in our 30's, which is probably different than our 40's. And if you are doing the same exact things and they are still working then- you go girl! But the reality is for most that is not the case. Use these 5 tips to step away from what no longer serves you and find space for new options:

1. Let me reintroduce myself

Decide what this version of you wants? Write down the goals that you have and the steps you are willing to take to reach those goals. Ensure the steps are realistic to your current way of life.

2. Be Open-Minded

Trying something new and changing our habits can be intimidating, but we can train our brains to be more open-minded. Focus on the positives we may get out of the experience, rather than telling ourselves “I won’t like this.” Open-mindedness helps our brains build new, more positive connections.

3. Give Yourself Lots of Options

When it comes to discovering what will work for you, you may need to test out a wide variety of choices. Allow yourself the ability to "dabble" and see what feels the best fit.

4. Just Say ‘No’

If you haven’t done so already, throw your preconceived notions and assumptions about what nutrition and fitness “should” look like out the window. As women we have a compulsive tendency to fill our schedules with things that serve those around us but not ourselves. When it comes to taking care of you, one of the most important words you can add to your vocabulary is “no.”

One thing I like to do is schedule in workouts/meal prep/me time just like I would any other commitments. If you treat these "to-do's" as just as important as anything else on your calendar it will be easier to prioritize them.

5. Pay Attention to How You’re Feeling

The bottom line is to really pay attention to how you’re feeling, acknowledge the feelings, and allow yourself the permission and room to get out of fixed routines and try something new — or stick with things that are tough, but you know will pay off in the long run.

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