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"Slim+: The Science Explained"

You don’t “burn” body fat. In fact, the process of breaking down fat tissue is called “oxidation”... this is when your bodyfat is converted into fuel for the cells. Although exercise can amplify this process to some degree... this happens when you sleep & in between meals. The key to ramping this process up in the body requires a caloric deficit (not over consuming calories), protecting lean body mass (so you lose fat, not “weight”), & starving fat cells so they shrink & die (aka cell apoptosis).

Slim+ is an absolute masterpiece... a combination of clean ingredients, proven scientifically to help this process. In a nutshell, drinking Slim+ on an empty stomach or before a meal will help to shuttle carbs into the muscle tissue, slow the flow of calories to fat, & improve gut function... simultaneously!

How does it taste?

Absolutely delicious! The strawberry watermelon & blueberry açaí are everything.

How’s it work?

Chromium - A mineral that helps insulin perform its actions in the body; processing carbs, fats, & proteins. It’s essential for metabolism, improves blood sugar levels, & even helps some with cravings.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) - By unlocking pathways into the specific tissues, it helps to shuttle carbohydrates into the muscle. It’s also a powerful fatty acid that functions as an antioxidant (lowers oxidative stress) as well as inflammation! Fun fact: this stuff is both fat & water soluble, allowing it to work within every cell of the body! A powerhouse nutrient.

Green Tea Extract - Similar to ALA, GTE is protects your cells (antioxidant), & also helps to shuttle calories into the muscle. The most incredible benefit of this ingredient, however, is its ability to starve mature fat cells & speed up the process of fat cell death (cell apoptosis). This benefit shows to increase exponentially with multiple servings... I drink Slim+ twice a day for this reason.

Caffeine - Only 80mg, not even a small cup of coffee. This isn’t enough to create the same feeling as Energy... it’s purpose is to support the GTE. The duration of fat loss benefits from the catechins in GTE are extended when paired with caffeine. Science!

Glutamine - This amino acid is the primary building block of your muscle (60% of skeletal tissue). Because it’s so vital to a healthy & strong human, we experience more fullness when the neurons in our gut sense it’s availability. When glutamine hits your small intesitines, you’ll feel stronger satiety signals… giving you appetite control.

Xylooligosaccharide (XOS) - This prebiotic fiber is the preferred “food” for the healthiest bacteria in the gut known as bifidobacterium. This will improve digestion, as well as overall wellness. The gut is known as the “second brain” for a reason... a healthy gut microbiome makes us less impulsive & happier; great for a fat loss journey, amirite?!

There are a few other bonus nutrients, but these are the big-hitters making the magic happen.

How to use for best results?

• Drink twice per day, preferably before your first & second meal... or while active.

• Pairs wonderfully with Load to improve “toning” your physique.

• If your goal is fat loss, add 4 omega3s to your PM IDNutrition for optimal waistline reduction.

• A caloric deficit is required for weight loss, always. However, even at maintenance or in a surplus, Slim+ can improve health & body composition. Understanding the science above, you can see how this would benefit even a lean muscle growth goal.

• A pre-cheat meal must.

In a nutshell...

Drink Slim+ before breakfast & lunch each day. Pair it with healthy food choices in reasonable portions, & your personalized IDNutrition. Measure your waistline weekly (as well as overall weight) to see progress in the short term, as water can fluctuate when fat loss is done right.

Fat loss isn’t just about calories in, & calories out. It’s dependent on where those calories go, & where they do not. Give your body the Slim+ advantage of optimal health”

Courtesy of Paul Michel #slimplus

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